Who We Are

Getting the Good In has always been a priority for the McGann family. 

Brian and Fiona McGann, the Health Power Couple from Limerick developed the early stages of SiSú way before healthy snacking was a thing in Ireland.
Fiona is a mum of 6, and has had a deep passion for understanding the link between our food and our health for over 30 years. She has researched, tested, tasted and embraced organic & nutritious wholefoods over the years.
Brian McGann was so inspired by what his wife Fiona was doing at home, creating delicious and healthy juices and kombuchas for family and friends, that he thought - why can’t these drinks be available everywhere and to everyone? And so started the incredible successful journey of how this Limerick family has brought their multiple award winning plant based healthy drinks to all corners of Ireland.
They promised themselves that all of the products they would develop in their new business would only have the purest ingredients of nature, made through sustainable processes that would guarantee that their products were kept natural and nutritious from the crop to their customers' hands. 

“We have always believed that food has a huge impact on people’s health and vitality, there’s such a world of opportunity where food meets health. Everyone wants to live long, full lives, so how we fuel our health is more important than ever.”
- Fiona McGann

 Taste Matters

While health was a huge motivator for Fiona, one thing she always made important in the creation of her drinks and snacks was taste. The need to please the tastebuds of 6 kids certainly enhanced her skills in this area! And with SiSú the importance of taste remains true, our products have now been awarded 9 Great Taste Awards.


Sustainability is a key priority for SiSú, from the use of locally-sourced plant-based ingredients to our packaging, we assess the environmental impact of every stage of bringing SiSú to our customers. All of our cans and bottles are 100% recyclable. Our cold-pressed wellness shots and juice bottles are made from 75% recycled plastic and 25% plant-based plastic. We've also worked to ensure our delivery boxes and packaging materials are either compostable or recyclable too. We continue to review our practices and work alongside partners and suppliers to reduce our impact on the planet.

SiSú Philosophy

SiSu” comes from the Finnish philosophy of "what must be done, will be done, regardless of what it takes". SiSú embodies all the values that Brian and Fiona apply in their lives, and this philosophy has been critical on the journey to bring our customers the best tasting, most nutritious plant-based drinks on the market.

We are passionate that the road to better energy, health and wellbeing is paved with plant-based ingredients. This passion and belief drives us every day, from how we create new products, to delivering refrigerated fresh drinks, directly to your door and to stores and businesses across Ireland.