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🌟 Your vibrant spirit has led you to the Digestive Harmony box. Spirit, you see, is not just a transient mood; it's your zest for life and your sanctuary of solace all rolled into one. It's that wonderful feeling when you wake up, ready to seize the day, yet also yearning for moments of serenity amidst the chaos. 🍃

The Digestive Harmony box is like your spirit's best friend. It's the calm within the storm, the fresh breeze on a hot day. Inside this box, you'll find goodies that resonate with your dynamic personality. These treats are your companions on the journey of life, whether you're conquering mountains or simply taking a breather. 🧘‍♀️

With the Digestive Harmony box, every sip becomes a chance to nourish your spirit. It's about finding balance, about knowing that life isn't just about thrill or calm, but a beautiful dance between the two. So go ahead, embrace your spirit, and savour every moment of this zen-filled adventure! 💫


14 pack

x4 Omega 3 Wellness Shot
x4 Digestion Wellness Shot
x3 Orginial Organic Kombucha
x3 Blueberry Organic Kombucha
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