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Get To Know Us

by Marketing SiSú on April 16, 2021


Getting the Good In has always been a priority for the McGann family. Brian and Fiona, the Health Power Couple from Limerick developed the early stages of SiSú way before healthy snacking was a thing in Ireland. It all started after the couple's youngest daughter had some health complications as a child. Therefore Fiona, the soon to be CRM of SiSú (Chief Recipe Maker), decided to strengthen her daughter's immune system not only with the doctor's recommendations but also with the power of nature. Which she believed harnessed all the ability to bring health back from the inside out.

She soon discovered that it all starts from within, with everything you get into your body, every single protein, oligo element, mineral, vitamin, etc. She began developing a passion for healthy eating and soon discovered that she had a natural talent when developing healthy recipes.

Her husband, Brian McGann, had a reputable career in the business world and saw that these healthy recipes had the potential to be transformed into something more powerful, a real concept of wellness and health from within. Being able to provide busy people like himself with the ability to nourish their mind and bodies through selected and curated beverages with all the nutrients in and all the nasties out.

So they promised themselves that all of the products they would develop in their new venture would only have the purest ingredients of nature, made through sustainable processes that would guarantee that their products were kept natural and nutritious from the crop to their customers' hands.

That's how SiSú was born. From the Finnish philosophy of "what must be done, will be done, regardless of what it takes". SiSú embodies all the values the McGann family envisioned when developing the best Natural Beverages brand in the Irish market.

Soon after it made its official launch, it rapidly became one of Ireland's most desirable brands, establishing a name and presence in a variety of industries from retailers to cafés and restaurants.

Nowadays, SiSú is considered to be one of Ireland's fastest-growing start-ups, with a team of passionate industry experts lead by Jenny Mulvey, an industry leader, with a vast experience in the Health and Wellness sector. Through her leadership SiSú is becoming a customer cult brand thanks to its core passion of the most unbelievably tasty and healthy beverages in the market.

"All it takes to develop a successful business is the passion for delivering the very best of yourself to your customers… that's love and commitment." -Brian and Fiona


The word SiSú has its origins in Finland. SiSú describes a philosophy that what must be done, will be done, regardless of what it takes.

We picked this name for our company as we know it's not easy to change habits, and yet to take control of our health, we know we have to try every day to ensure we get proper nutritious ingredients in what we eat and drink.

For us, the meaning of SiSú captures the universal potential that exists within all of us.


Nowadays we all have busy lives… Brilliantly busy lives, in fact! But that shouldn't mean your health and wellbeing comes last on the agenda. The truth is, so many of us are denying our bodies the nutrients they crave, usually because convenience outweighs health. And let's face it, eating plate after plate of raw veggies isn't precisely a convenient option! But what if the same nutritional benefits could be distilled into a handy bottle of pure goodness? At SiSú, we believe in making it easier for hard-working people to make healthy choices. So go forth, be brilliantly busy! But remember, taking the time to Get The Good In once a day with a nutrient-rich and super-tasty SiSú drink means your body – and mind – will thank you for it.

And because this is easier when we are healthy, we believe in the power of 'GETTING THE GOOD IN'.