SiSú – Award winning wellness drinks company is one of Irelands leading trendsetting, no compromise, healthy brands who work with Irish business to bring healthy hydrating drinks to their staff working in the office and now from their homes.



  • Our SiSú cold-pressed wellness shots pack a massive punch with plant-based goodness in every single one. Vitamin C & D are essential for your immune system, and support the health of your muscle, bones, teeth, skin & gums – the all-rounders of vitamins. SiSu’s Vitamin D and Vitamin C shots provide your full Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) in one little bottle! Our Ginger & Turmeric wellness shots can provide the benefits of nature’s own remedies for thousands of years.

    The new “Pharmacy of the future”
  • Our award winning Organic SiSú Kombucha are delicious, naturally bubbly, fermented drinks with unique health benefits, handcrafted to perfection. Kombucha has been brewed for thousands of years, and is traditionally used to aid digestion and gut health. With SiSu’s Kombucha, we’ve taken everything that’s made Kombucha so legendary – living cultures and organic acids, and brought you even more great tasting options to enjoy.
  • Our extensive range of SiSú cold-pressed juices deliver on our promise of goodness guaranteed, giving all the benefits of raw, plant-based ingredients, cold-pressed to maximise the juice and nutrients in every juice.  No additional heat, oxygen or pasteurisation is used in the process, to maximise the goodness in every drop.

Our range of WFH/Office wellness boxes range from €20 per employee delivered chilled to their home or to the office

Key Benefits

Improve Nutrition and overall health

Improved Energy

Improved Mood and lowers stress

Improved Morale

Greater Inclusiveness – All catered for

Increased employee retention with happy employees

Reduced Sick days

Increase in work productivity and performance

How does snacking impact Ireland

Say having a snacking programme is important for their well-being

Say having healthy snacks impacts their work performance

Say receiving healthy snacking at work makes them feel appreciated

Say eating healthy snacks is good for their overall energy levels

Packages and pricing

Speak to one of our Be Well team to align the pricing structure with your company nourishment goals and timelines.