Brian McGann Founder of SiSú

Brian and Fiona McGann
SiSú Founders

Why I picked SiSú as the brand name and decided to create an Irish led Healthy Snacking business

For many years now we have known that despite national and global economic advancements, the health of our nation is still not what it could be. Ongoing, and consistent, evidence from health professionals, research articles and government studies prove without a doubt, that there is room to improve our nutritional health and help reduce some of the multiple health issues we see clogging up our healthcare system. We know that diet and lifestyle play an important role in helping to reduce the risk of many diseases but not everyone is managing to eat in a really healthy way.

Looking closely at societal behaviour, it’s clear that busy, modern lifestyles in Ireland have contributed hugely to the problem of poor nutrition and too little exercise. Over the past 10 years, people have become more and more time-poor. Juggling multiple responsibilities and tasks as they go about their daily lives. Working, looking after children and family and managing day-to-day demands can leave people lacking energy and with less time to care for themselves and their health.

Many of us are on the go all of the time. Living away from home in busy cities and finding ourselves eating out and snacking unhealthily a lot more than we would like to. Over time, it’s easy to start missing out on the benefits a real healthy diet can provide. When it comes to managing a busy life, a little nutritional self care is crucial - ss the saying goes: you can’t pour from an empty cup. But what can we do to fit some great foods into our busy lifestyles?

McGann Family

We Wanted to Find A Healthy Solution For Everyone

Could customers, retailers and businesses be convinced to support better for you emerging brands? I felt the answer was YES! It was clear to me that their support would be a vital cog in tackling this problem and I could already see green shoots emerging within the food industry. We could see the time was right.

We are a highly educated nation with daily access to hard data on how to look after our health and wellbeing. It was this belief that encouraged me to set up our healthy snacking business and to give it a name that I hoped would resonate positively with people and guide them towards a healthier and better you.

We Kept the Strategy Simple

We had two clear pillar strategies at the outset:

  1. Create great-tasting products with no additives with the use of simple, honest ingredients
  2. Give the business a name that symbolised the important and occasionally tough journey we all have to undergo in order to improve our approach to nutrition and become more energetic and healthier people (with all the obvious benefits).

Hence the name SiSú.

SiSú Lies Within You

SiSú  - The power in our name and how it means so much.

Originally, SiSú comes from a Finnish root word that implies determination, guts, courage and willpower or inner strength. People all over the world are showing huge interest in the concept and how its message can help them overcome their personal challenges. It’s an action-oriented mindset. You don’t brag about having SiSú; you just let your actions do the talking.

At SiSú HQ we always say “it lies within you”.

Every one of us has SiSú.

Jenny Mulvey
Managing Director at SiSú

SiSú Organic Kombucha

SiSú can be applied to what amounts to an all-purpose philosophy of life. It comes into play when you tackle life’s challenges, but for me, I wanted to utilise it as the basis for leading an active, healthy life.

A good way to introduce the SiSú philosophy into your life is to integrate it into your everyday routines. Start small, such as pushing yourself to keep running just as you begin to think your body can’t take much more. Or dedicate time and energy every day to healthy eating and snacking. Even if you feel as though you aren’t making any progress, dig deeper and stay the course. That’s having SiSú.

Just as you can alter, or ‘rewire’, your brain in order to react more effectively to certain situations, you can slowly but surely implement SiSú into your way of thinking. Letting it become second nature to persevere through the most difficult, arduous situations. You will start to subconsciously strive for that extra bit to accomplish your goals, and that is a powerful skill to possess.

We at SiSú love what we do. All of our team strive to use our SiSú philosophy to bring healthier and better snacking products to all of our customers. We hope you enjoy them.

The sudden impact that Covid19 is having on our lives has brought health and well-being into a sharper focus. 

For many of us, we have had more time to take stock and start thinking about how we can improve and manage our health.  Wherever you are, think of SiSú as your health companion.  With juices, fermented foods and healthy snacking, this is an easy way for you to swap to a more nutritious habit.  Whether you want to get back on track by making one healthy change, or you want to build on healthy choices you have already made, we have foods and beverages that can help. 

Sometimes one change can make all the difference.


Discover all the SiSú alternatives and find
the right one for your needs and goals.

Tasty sparkling drink packed with healthy organic acids and antioxidants which are good for your overall ‘gut health’.


Made with 100% fresh fruits and vegetables. Enjoy our delicious range as one of your five a day, to hydrate naturally and stay healthy.


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